Sony Camera Payload for DJI drones from Klau Geomatics

With the end of the DJI X4s camera, drone operators have been looking for a quality mapping camera solution for the Inspire 2 and M200/M210/M210V2 drones. Klau Geomatics has released a Sony camera/PPK payload to offer even better results from […]

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Klau Geomatics releases High Accuracy Real Time Positioning Technology for aerial mapping and drone positioning

Klau Geomatics, established leader in UAV PPK solutions, has released another breakthrough in survey technology for drones and manned aerial mapping: Real Time PPP (Precise Point Positioning), enabling 3 to 5cm initial positioning accuracy, anywhere in the world, without any […]

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STRABAG, one of the largest construction companies in Europe, adopts KLAUPPK high precision drone surveying technology

STRABAG is a European tech company for construction services with about 73.000 employees worldwide. In early August, the first KlauPPK system was delivered to STRABAG‘s department “Digital Object Scanning and Drones”, by Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH  as a local representative of […]

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Klau Geomatics releases the ‘DJI Phantom4Pro Surveyor’ for accurate surveying and inspection without ground control points

Klau Geomatics, an Australian geospatial innovation company, announced today the KlauPPK enabled ‘DJI Phantom4Pro Surveyor’, a small drone for accurate surveying. This premium solution brings survey grade PPK direct geo-referencing accuracy to the under 2kg UAV class, offering a capable, […]

2018-07-16T23:40:01+00:00July 16th, 2018|Press Release|

Australia’s largest geospatial solutions retailer brings the high precision KlauPPK module to the construction, mining and mapping industry.

Position Partners, Australia’s largest retailer of positioning and geospatial solutions for surveying, mining and civil construction, have partnered with Klau Geomatics to deliver technical training and support, improving the productivity and efficiency of accurate UAV surveying.

Klau Geomatics, an innovative Australian technology […]

2018-06-25T01:07:22+00:00June 25th, 2018|Press Release|

Stahly Engineering & Associates produce outstanding drone surveying accuracy with KlauPPK geo-referencing technology.

Another Klau Geomatics customer has successfully trialled the KlauPPK direct georeferencing system to achieve extremely high accuracy results with their DJI drone.

Stahly Engineering (USA) has provided engineering services in the fields of transportation, site development, water and wastewater systems, and […]

2018-06-19T05:09:29+00:00May 2nd, 2018|Press Release|

KlauGeomatics partners with Skylink to bring PPK positioning kits for DJI drones to Japan

Australian technology company KlauGeomatics has announced the launch of the KlauPPK kits in Japan with a partnership with Skylink to distribute to the Japanese surveying, engineering and construction markets.

The KlauPPK technology enables users to create highly accurate, reliable and repeatable […]

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