Sony Camera Payload for DJI drones from Klau Geomatics

With the end of the DJI X4s camera, drone operators have been looking for a quality mapping camera solution for the Inspire 2 and M200/M210/M210V2 drones. Klau Geomatics has released a Sony camera/PPK payload to offer even better results from […]

2019-02-27T11:46:00+00:00February 27th, 2019|Press Release|

Klau Geomatics releases High Accuracy Real Time Positioning Technology for aerial mapping and drone positioning

Klau Geomatics, established leader in UAV PPK solutions, has released another breakthrough in survey technology for drones and manned aerial mapping: Real Time PPP (Precise Point Positioning), enabling 3 to 5cm initial positioning accuracy, anywhere in the world, without any […]

2019-09-13T03:12:29+00:00February 7th, 2019|Press Release|

Matt Mercurio Spatial Analytix, USA

The experts at Klau Geomatics have really revolutionized precision drone data collection with their PPK unit.  The system allows us to outfit our existing equipment with accurate camera positioning.

I’ve been working for couple of years with the Klau Geomatics team […]

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