“Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft is an engineering company, providing technical demanding drone services in Germany and a KLAU PPK reseller. We have been able to impressively demonstrate 2 cm accuracies in all axis repeatedly, without the use of GCPs for both interested customers who are dying to get a GCP-free solution and our tech service customers.”
“Technically the KLAU PPK solution made a lot of sense. However, the most important fact to purchase a unit for our company as well as becoming engaged and motivated to enter the market as a reseller was the level of engagement, technical depth and fastest possible response time of the KLAU experts”
“The simplicity in using the system in the field as well as the PPK software, making it a smooth repeatable and reliable process to calculate the exact center of image coordinates.”
“The KLAU PPK system is the most accurate system available worldwide, easy to use with standard UAVs at very favorable pricing. It eliminates to worry about the accuracy and frees you up to focus on the photogrammetry process which is well supported through camera calibration data for smooth and fast processing.”
“The main “issue” on KLAU PPK is that customers do not believe that the accuracies claimed can be really achieved without any “magic”. We have done quite a number of demos from mining sites to international construction companies: They are overwhelmed by the precision of the results they get, processing our data, but still need to sell this in their environment before procurement will place an order.”