• Task-specific sensor combinations
  • Fully integrated into one system
  • LiDAR + Cameras + Remote Sensing
PPK for manned aircraft

Built on the KlauPPK Manned Aircraft 7700C

Ruggedised, accurate georeferencing with connectivity to FMS, IMUs and Sensors

The Klau Geomatics positioning system is at the heart of  every payload, the key to integration and accuracy.
  • NovAtel 7 Series GNSS with connectivity to various IMUs
  • Sync and log IMUs, LiDAR, DSLR and PhaseOne cameras, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, Geophysical sensors
  • Send PPS, NMEA position stream and event marks to sensors and flight management systems
  • time or distance camera triggering
  • Supports PPK and ‘no-base-station’ PPP/PPK accuracy, real time or post processed
  • rugged enclosure, 160 x 80 x 50, 420g
  • outputs for FMS, NMEA, PPS
  • supports PPK, PPP NRT and PPP RT
KlauPPK Phantom4Pro

Built on a NovAtel 7700 board receiving full constellation data, logging at 20Hz. This is industry-leading technology at the core of our KlauPPK hardware, with advanced interference mitigation, military spec, tested over millions of hours.

Pre-configured sensor bundles

Custom combinations of sensors for specific applications

KlauPPK works with your sensors, FMS and workflow to add high-accuracy Direct Georeferencing.
  • RGB cameras, PhaseOne, Fujifilm, with calibrated lenses
  • NIR-modified cameras, PhaseOne, Fujifilm, Sony
  • LiDAR, Ouster, Hesai, Riegl
  • Multispectral: Rededge, Altum
  • Hyperspectral: Headwall
  • Thermal: FLIR, WIRIS
  • Gravity, Magnetics, EMR, and other geophysical sensors
KlauPPK Phantom4Pro

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