• Task-specific sensor combinations
  • Fully integrated into one system
  • LiDAR + Cameras + Remote Sensing
PPK for manned aircraft

All systems are built on the KlauPPK Manned Aircraft 7700C

Ruggedised, accurate georeferencing with connectivity to IMUs, Sensors and FMS

Every Klau Geomatics positioning system, has an industry-leading NovAtel 7700 board at its core, military spec, with advanced interference mitigation, tested over millions of hours.
The Klau PPK system is at the heart of every payload, the key to integration and accuracy.
  • NovAtel 7 Series GNSS with connectivity to various IMUs
  • Sync and log IMUs, LiDAR, DSLR and PhaseOne cameras, multispectral, hyperspectral and geophysical sensors
  • Send PPS, NMEA and event marks to sensors and flight management systems
  • time or distance camera triggering
  • Supports PPK and ‘no-base-station’ PPP/PPK accuracy, real time or post processed

Pre-configured and custom sensor bundles

Sensor combinations, positioning and workflows for specific applications

KlauPPK works with your sensors, FMS and workflow to add high-accuracy Direct Georeferencing.
  • RGB cameras, PhaseOne, Fujifilm, with calibrated lenses
  • NIR-modified cameras, PhaseOne, Fujifilm, Sony
  • LiDAR, Ouster, Hesai, Riegl
  • Multispectral: Rededge, Altum
  • Hyperspectral: Headwall
  • Thermal: FLIR, WIRIS
  • Gravity, Magnetics, EMR, and other geophysics sensors


A simple economical solution for efficient capture of photogrammetry data for typical aerial mapping.
Excellent for mine site surface captures for volume measurement, site planning and engineering.
Produce accurate pointclouds, terrain models and orthophotos.
      • KlauPPK/PPP GNSS with basic IMU for lever arm corrections
      • 2 x  modified Fuji GFX100 cameras, infinity locked and stabilized, 60mm lens
      • shock mounting over hole or in pods
      • customizable
Typical mission parameters:
– Flight height    –    2000 ft
– GSD                     –    3.8 cm
– photo per sq km  –  35  (photo pairs)
– capture time per sq km  –   1 minute


Effective agricultural mapping capture to produce accurate farm terrain models, orthophotos and remote sensing analytics.
      • KlauPPK GNSS with basic IMU for lever arm corrections
      • 1 x  modified Fuji GFX100 cameras, infinity locked and stabilized, 60mm lens
        • Micasense Rededge and Altum sensors, or:
        • FujiFilm GFX100 with NIR modification
      • Various sensor options to suit the specific remote sensing analytics requirements. 
Typical mission parameters:
– Flight height    –    2000 ft
– GSD                     –   RGB and NIR(Fuji) 4 cm, 10 band mulitspectral 40cm
– photo per sq km  –  56
– capture time per sq km  –   1.6 minutes


A sophisticated solution to capture accurate, complex powerline data in a single low pass in a light aircraft.
  • KlauPPK NovAtel SPAN GNSS/IMU for high accuracy direct gereferencing
  • 1 Brumby LiDAR to capture catenary and vegetation
  • 1 modified Fuji GFX100 camera, infinity locked and stabilized
  • Workswell WIRIS Pro thermal camera to identify high-resistance hot-spots
  • Micasense Rededge multispectral camera for precise vegetation identification
  • Shock mounting system
Typical mission parameters:
– Flight height    –    500 ft
– Pointcloud density        –    80 pts/sqm
– capture rate  –   110 kmph

Integrated or Turnkey

We will build a shock mount for the payload, to fit over your floor hole, or supply a sensor pod, or an entire aircraft

The Klau Geomatics sensor payload can be incorporated into your current system or be part of an entire system built for purpose.
  • Shock mounted  racks for floor holes
  • Wing strut pods
  • aircraft modifications and compliance
  • complete airaft with flight management, sensors, georeferencing and data management.

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