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$USD 3,000

KLAUPPK Software to process your GNSS trajectory (as either PPK with a base station or PPP NRT with subscription data). Synchronize camera events, produce coordinates in published or local systems, apply geoids, export ground coordinates.

$USD 1,800


Near Real-Time Data
NRT PPP yearly subscription to global satellite corrections data. Use this instead of sourcing base station data to upgrade your PPK system to PPP.

$USD 2,025


Real-Time Data
PPP RT real-time data corrections annual subscription. Satellite broadcast corrections are applied in the receiver. Requires 20 minutes stationary pre-flight. Antenna positions can be fed to sensors and navigation systems, or select the KlauPPK software as well if you want to apply lever arm corrections and camera event sync.

$USD 3,000

KlauPPK software for DJI RTK drones. Get the best possible accuracy from your DJI RTK drone without any additional hardware.
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