Now you can put your Sony camera on an Inspire 2, M200, M210, M210 RTK or M210 V2.

Quality Sony cameras offer the best possible image quality, resulting in the exceptional accurate, crisp, 3D modelling. Gimbals compatible with RX1r2, a6300 and a5100 cameras.

Kit includes:

  • KlauPPK Positioning system with antenna and power supply.
  • Mounting kit for DJI Inspire 2 or M200 series. Easy to install.
  • 2 axis stabilized gimbal with pitch control
  • trigger system to take photos based on distance or time once moving in the project area
  • Guided camera calibration methodology for your Sony camera.
  • KlauPPK software
  • Support to get you up and running with installation, operations, PPK data processing and photogrammetry processing.
  • $500 credit on 4DMapper to try processing on the cloud.