Klau Geomatics Releases Hybrid PPK PPP Processing

March 10, 2020 | FEATURED
Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) has been the positioning tech of choice for the past few years. Drone operators have seen the advantages of PPK over RTK in the quest increased efficiency and accuracy with less dependence on Ground Control Points (GCPs). Now Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is coming into focus as a way to achieve high accuracy, with its own unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
Klau Geomatics has now released sophisticated processing that brings PPP and PPK together in an optimised highly accurate solution that works anywhere without any base station data.
Turn your UAV into a precise mapping machine
Klau Geomatics, an innovative Australian technology company, enables UAV operators to produce highly accurate maps and models with its plug-and-play PPK positioning system. The system can be configured for most cameras and platforms, manned or UAV, with custom mounts and connectors for a simple installation. The PPK system has compact, ...
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Klau Geomatics PPK brings precision mapping to DJI drones
Klau Geomatics, an innovative Australian technology company, has announced a new PPK system for the DJI Matrice100. Support for other DJI models will be added progressively in the near future. The DJI implementation continues from the success of the system in enabling a wide variety of manned aircraft and drones ...
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