Which DJI cameras are compatible?

The following cameras are compatible:

These cameras do require a modification in our camera lab. We will also calibrate the camera before the system is returned to you.

What does the camera calibration do?

The camera calibration determines the precise parameters for the camera, the actual focal length and other distortions in the lens. This data goes into your photogrammetry software to give you better results, particularly in height, in your mapping products.

Do I need GCPs with KlauPPK?

If you have KlauPPK and a good camera calibration then you will get excellent results without GCPs.

You should always have some checks on the ground to know how accurate your work is. These are not GCPs, they are not used in the creation of your model but are points to compare, to ground truth your mapping.

The KlauPPK system enables you to use your drone to capture ground targets for use as GCPs or checks, then extract ground coordinates through the KlauPPK software.

Do I need a base station?

You do need base station data for PPK processing but not for PPP.

You can use your own survey grade GNSS base (log at 1 Hz and convert to Rinex), purchase the KlauPPK dedicated base station, or download CORS data.

In certain parts of the world you can access CORS data directly from within the KlauPPK software, from NOAA in the USA, Hexagon Smartnet (with an account) or AllDayRTK (with an account).

How does PPP work?

PPP uses satellite clock and ephemeris corrections to determine your precise location. This data comes from global satellite tracking stations and is available in real time or through our software during post processing.

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