Cameras and Calibration

Klau PPK Georeferencing System for accurate UAV surveying or large area mapping using manned aircraft, offers pre-calibrated cameras which are essential to achieving reliable results in your photogrammetry.

Accurate photogrammetry starts at the lens. If you intend to map a project and put every square centimetre in it’s right place, in XY&Z, you need to know the every pixel in every photo is it’s right place.

Camera Calibration

The Klau PPK Georeferencing System for accurate UAV surveying offers pre-calibrated DJI X4s cameras or a simple, effective methodology to calibrate other cameras.

Unlike high-end (expensive) aerial cameras, a typical camera in a UAV does not have the measurement quality characteristics of aerial cameras, it is “non-metric”, has lens distortions, is not calibrated and has moving parts that can affect calibration. Managing these errors with a simple calibration will put every pixel in it’s accurate position which translates to an accurate mapping product that can be used for measurement.

We will supply a calibration file with your X4s camera to go straight into your photogrammetry software. With other cameras, by following the Klau Geomatics methodology, you can use your UAV to capture some calibration points which are managed in our software.

Camera Compatibility

  • Aerial cameras such as Phase One, Hasselblad
  • Any DSLR camera
  • Light cameras with a flash hotshoe or output
  • Light cameras with no flash output (requires camera modification)
  • DJI cameras, X4s, X7
  • Micasense RedEdge multispectral
  • Other cameras, thermal, multispectral, LiDAR