After conducting numerous missions of trial areas, as well as comparisons to physical GPS/laser scanning surveys I have observed the following accuracies :

Camera accuracy MAX 30mm (as reported in agisoft)

PPK accuracy AVG 12mm (compared to RTK points)

GCP accuracy AVG 4cm (compared to RTK points, flown at GSD 3.2, 120m AGL)

DEM accuracy AVG 1cm (compared to how we normally survey surfaces via driving or walking with RTK GPS)

Standard deviation of all output point clouds to ‘site proven’ data is 30mm.

Ease of use: only requiring 2 SD Cards to process the data. i.e no flight controller data required

Portability: the external batteries are favourable when surveying all day

Software: easy to follow, localized site datums

Hardware: physical modification of the camera to get the exact timing

Support: excellent telephone and email support. Screen sharing, general optimization tips and quick software updates definitely tipped the scales towards KLAU

As above, however excellent support, accurate. Physical modification and calibration of the camera to get the exact timing

We have found the accuracy to be excellent, based on our flight settings and subsequent processing in Agisoft. The support received from KLAU team has proven superb and helped with implementation of the product. Physically tapping the shutter on the camera removes a large source of error that other products only compensate for.